A lot of times, we think too critically of ourselves. We want to solve a problem even before we hit it. One of those problems is the problem of scale. A lof of folks I talk to about developing their app have this concern - hey, what if my app becomes too popular in too short a time? How will I scale?

And guess what they have been advised to do? To setup everything under cloud! Use AWS Auto-Scale or something similar. The latest ones being “Use Kubernetes and Docker and that way you can scale infinitely!“. Any experienced person will be able to tell you that if you are just starting off, don’t think about scaling. There are machines powerful enough to handle hundreds of requests per second.

Will I be able to scale if I follow this guide?

Remember - Rails is huge; in size, capabilities, features and can scale well. Very large projects (including the likes of ZenDesk, Shopify, Github etc.) use it. You’d probably already be knowing that they don’t run their projects on one server - they use multiple servers. So one thing is for sure - Rails can scale if you set it up carefully.