“Yeah, so really why do you need a blog?”

“To express my views, of course”

“But about what?”

“About everything!”

“Well, that’s fine. But why a new one?”

“Ummm…they are too complicated”


“Like I don’t want a full blown system for managing everything; and those extensions and what not. I get into making the blog look beautiful, more functional and so on. And then I end up doing all that management stuff; the themes, comment moderation, monitoring and what not”

“So what’s different with this one?”

“well, I’m going to keep it simple. Custom fonts, the ones I like, clean simple interface and unlike Drupal, no one is coming to reset the layout every couple of months. ”

“Interesting. But you can always customize Wordpress for that!”

“Well, I want a custom look for the homepage.”

“Hmmm… very well then. Go on”

That was the conversation I had with myself a week or so back and here it is. You are reading these words on my blog!

PS: Thanks to GitHub, anyone can do that now. This very page is hosted on GitHub :)