I am Vaibhav Kaushal - a Software Engineer with 10+ years of experience as a coder but have been coding for fun since more than 15 years now. I have been a FullStack (Web+Backend) + DevOps guy since the beginning but am mostly backend-heavy these days. In the past I have written for a few Tech Magazines which includes Digit, CHIP and Linux for You. I have been one of the core developers of a PHP framework in the past (named QCubed) which has been used at NASA, Stanford School of Medicine and was the framework in which the world’s largest Chess community site (Chess.com) was written in the past.

Employment History

AliveCor, Bangalore

September, 2020 - Present (Bangalore)

Lead Backend Engineer

  • Built a Go-based framework with SQL Code Generator allowing the team to iterate super-quick for building the License Management system for enterprise customers under tight deadline.

Senior Software Engineer (Backend)

  • Worked on creation and integration of EKG monitoring system for the first hospital unit (Medanta, Gurugram) with Kardia-Pro service
  • Migrated old background job execution system to a new and faster one
  • Built the service that handles outgoing emails, SMS and Push Notifications
  • DevOps work related to K8s and AWS per requirement/need by the team

Cisco (via Avesta Computers)

September, 2019 - April, 2020 (Bangalore)

Senior DevOps Engineer

  • Created and maintained HA Kubernetes clusters for Cisco’s Software Delivery Platform – using Kops and Kubespray on AWS and OpenStack
  • Wrote helm charts to backup/restore Docker Registry & Kubernetes Config
  • Troubleshot issues with clusters, built makefiles for setting up the cluster


October, 2018 - August, 2019 (Bangalore)

Senior FullStack Developer + DevOps Engineer

  • Implemented core services in Golang, Java (Spring) & Ruby on Rails (RoR) over AWS (using S3, EC2, Kinesis, Route53, RDS, ElastiCache, LightSail, etc.)
  • Implemented Kong API Gateway
  • Monitoring using Prometheus and Grafana; logging using ELK stack

Plackal Tech (Maya.live)

July, 2017 - July, 2018 (Bangalore)

Backend Developer/DevOps Engineer

  • Implementation of various RESTful APIs for the award-winning app
  • Full-stack development using Vue.JS, HTML, CSS and Ruby on Rails over AWS (EC2, SES, SNS)

HealtZen Services (Actozen.com)

July, 2014 - May, 2017 (New Delhi)


  • Architected the website prototype having an appointments engine facing both doctors & patients. At the time, it was first of its kind in India
  • Led the development of the product throughout its lifetime
  • Worked on API creation & consumption for Zena (mobile app), backend middleware, payment gateway integration, etc.
  • Guided the architecture of Haiku, a clinician’s App for Clinics. The project was built using VueJS as a Chrome app
  • Built a homegrown CI/CD system to save money


February, 2011 - February, 2014 (Bangalore)


  • Sole-creator of the entire website (frontend and backend) and in the process became the core developer of QCubed in the process.
  • Users could build a virtual PC with hardware config compatibility checks
  • Retailers could manage and showcase their store on the platform
  • Featured a blog and forum with ability to attach specific blog posts and discussions to a product to help find topics related to a particular product

Writeups as a Tech Journalist

Tech Columnist - CHIP Magazine

August, 2006 - December, 2006 (Remote)

  • Wrote article on Myths About Linux and Tips/Tricks related to Windows XP

Tech Columnist and Author - Digit Magazine

April, 2011 - May, 2017 (Remote)

  • Authored FastTracks (supplementary publication) on Ubuntu Linux (June 2011) & Virtualization (April 2012) and co-authored FastTracks on Windows 8, E-Commerce, Augmented Reality, Cryptography, SoCs and many more.
  • Wrote Tip/Tricks about Linux & Windows and articles on Web Security, Distro Hopping + Live Multibooting, Future of OSes for the main publication.

Tech Columnist – OpenSource for You

January, 2012 - March, 2023 (Remote)

  • Wrote a series on Rapid Web Application Development.
  • Wrote multiple articles on Data Storage Systems and AMP (Apache, MySQL and PHP) on Windows

Passion and Achievements

  • All India Rank 3 in AFCEH Ethical Hacking Exam (April 2006)
  • Got featured in YourStory (March, 2013)
  • Attempted porting PostgreSQL’s (v 9.1) execution engine to NVidia CUDA - learnt quite a bit about DB’s inner functioning along the way. (November, 2010)
  • Created a script to automatically compile a Linux based OS from scratch (2008)


  • B.E in Information Science from The Oxford College of Engineering - 2010 (Dropped Out)
  • Class 12th (CBSE) in science stream - 2005
  • Class 10th (CBSE) - 2003


  • Communication Languages: Hindi, English
  • Programming Languages: Go, Ruby (Ruby on Rails), Shell (ZSH & Bash). Previously: Java (Spring), PHP, HTML/CSS/JS
  • Technologies: Linux, Kubernetes, Docker, AWS (EC2, SES, SNS, S3, Route53, Kinesis, RDS, Elasticache)
  • Databases: PostgreSQL, Redis
  • Toolsets: Jetbrains IDEs (Intellij IDEA, Goland RubyMine, PhpStorm etc.), Visual Studio Code, Vim/NeoVim, git and related tech (Github, Gitlab, Bitbucket etc.), Nginx, Kong,

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